Goldman-fox 13 cm curved supercut scissors


Goldman-Fox scissors are, like the La-Grange scissors, mainly used for working around cramped areas, especially the inter-proximal spaces of the mouth. Unlike other scissors, Goldman-Fox scissor blades have the particularity of being very sharp at their ends. 

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Goldman-Fox HYGITECH scissors have the following features :  

The « sharp/sharp » tip very sharp for a very good sharpness of cut in order to carry out more meticulous and very precise acts.  Its  « super cut » micro-finition gives the blade a sharpness equivalent to a scalpel blade

The « serrated »  tip : for more invasive applications by acting on more resistant tissues. The serration provides tissue support and prevents the instrument from slipping when cutting

The combo of the two tips makes it very easy to cut soft tissue or sutures.

Two shapes available :

In curved shape : facilitates cutting in areas that were initially difficult to access by providing better visibility

S-shape : facilitates cutting in difficult areas access by clearing the field of vision in order to offer a better visibility of the treatment area. Very easy to handle, the double curvature allows to reach the posterior areas en avoiding to spread the cheek

The "Super-cut" scissors are recognisable by their handles with a single gold ring
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