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Dental surgery

The second stage of the surgery is the act itself. This is carefully planned with the established surgical protocol and following the preoperative visit. During the operation the surgeon will simultaneously irrigate the oral area and aspirate fluid and suturing wounds.  
HYGITECH offers a range of products at all these stages. To irrigate, pockets of saline and irrigation lines compatible with 90% of market drivers; to suck, several cannulas and suction sets; absorbable sutures and nonabsorbable, which you can customize if you like; Finally, reusable or disposable hot/cold packs can be offered to the patient to prevent swelling.

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    Packaging : Box of 5

    A single squeeze activation makes this cold therapy pack immediately reach a safe, therapeutic temperature (0°C) and sustain this temperature for up to 15 minutes. - Sized 12 x 14 cm, it offers full coverage of the surgical area. - Easy to store and use: Simply keep at ambient temperature, no need for a freezer!

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    Packaging : box of 1

    This reusable Hot & Cold therapy pack helps patients manage pain and swelling following implantology procedures. - Sized 10 x 11.5 cm, it offers full coverage of the surgical area. - Easy to store and use: Simply store in a freezer until ready to use - Comfortable thanks to its non-woven cover

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    Packaging : Box of 5

    Surgical aspiration set compatible with all aspiration systems and composed of: a surgical cannula a filter for collecting bone fragments a 6.5ft (2m) PVC tube Supplied with a universal adaptor for aspiration systems.

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    Packaging : Box of 10

    Suction device composed of a surgical cannula pre-installed at the end of the PVC aspirator tube of 9ft (2,70m)

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    Packaging : Box of 10

    Sterile transparent PVC suction tube with 2 connectors at the extremities.Length: 9ft (2,70m)

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    Packaging : box of 50

    Specially for implantologists, it can be fixed to any standard PVC tube or to any surgical suction cannula support. Ideal for angulation of the cannula Length: 9.8" (25cm), 0.16" (4mm) tip

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    Packaging : Box of 20

    Precise and effective suction cannula, which reaches the narrowest areas. Each box contains 2 autoclavable adapters, diameter 11mm and diameter 16mm. Length: 7" (18cm) Available with 0.05" (1.2mm) and 0.098" (2.5mm) tips.

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    Packaging : 1 x box of 10 pouches & 1 x canister

    Blood, saliva, saline solution as well as particles of bone and surrounding tissue may cause blockages in the suction system. Disposable of regulated medical waste presents a challenge for implantologists. Indeed, the regulation associated with various biohazards and their disposable are intricate and vary according to local requirements. 

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    Packaging : 1 unit

    Ideal stand to accomodate HYGITECH suction waste collectors (HY-12033) Height: 100cm Diameter: 54cm

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  • Packaging : 1 unit

    Adapters sterilisable in autoclave and chemiclave. The double adapter makes it easy to connect cannulas from 0.4" to 0.6" (11 to 16mm).Non-sterile packaging.

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    Packaging : Box of 10

    HYGITECH offers a complete range of  irrigation sets compatible with most implantology motors on the market. Irrigation is an essential element of an implant surgery and limits the heating of bone and adjacent tissues.

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    Packaging : 1 unit

    Very fine flat cutting chisel, 45° to the right. Used for root osteoplasty, it facilitates access to posterior areas and confined spaces. Its fineness allows it to elaborate a delicate work without risk of degrading the bone table. This surgery tip offers the surgeon precision and comfort in sites with reduced visibilityLength: 10 mm

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