Individual protection : Clothing

Due to the explosion of nosocomial infections occurring after surgery or even a check-up, wearing surgical gowns to pajamas is essential.
Compared to traditional management cotton clothes to the cleaners clean, wearing disposable clothing during surgery greatly facilitates the life of the surgeon.

Benefits disposable clothing HYGITECH:
-Optimum protection against bacteria
-Repellent Material: For maximum safety of the medical team
-A perfect comfort for everyday use: The clothes are actually made of non-woven, and blouses were all cotton cuffs.
-Practices: Folding and packaging designed to ensure ease of use

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    Superior surgical gown with 2 hand towels. Surgically folded, sterile SMS Microfibre, 45g/m² • 45g crepe paper EO sterilized with a 3 year shelf-life• Double internal and external side ties on the waist (4 ties total) • Velcro strap fit, hypoallergenic cotton cuffs • Size : L• 45" (115cm) long• AAM 2 level 

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    Non-sterile isolation gown made of non-woven polypropylene, latex-free 40g/m², ideal for daily use.

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